NEW 2022 “NHF Warrior 300″ Marathon

Serial #25084

For Single 14+ h Hand Large Pony or Cob

Approx 392 lbs / 178 kg

Price $9,845

Extra Pneumatic Wheels with Carriage Add $920 (Regular $1,105)


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The NHF Warrior 300 is designed to take your CDE or CT competition to the next level safely and smoothly. Whether at the event or on the trails, you will not find a more comfortable and stylish drive. 

Design Features

  • 70 cm Front and 65 cm Rear Wheels
  • 126 cm Track Width
  • Black with Ferrari Red pinstriping
  • Black Upholstery with Red Stitching
  • Marathon Driver Seat with Suede Bottom
  • Stainless Steel Package
  • Navigator Platform Padding
  • Brake Pedal for Rear BIT Brakes
  • Parking Brake
  • Fifth Wheel Brake
  • Stainless Steel Closed Loop Shafts
  • Whip Holder
  • Quick Release Snap Shackles
  • NHF Seat Cover
  • Complimentary Tools
  • (Pneumatic Wheels 21″ & 19″ if added)