Introducing the New 2022 “NHF HA-0” Training Vehicle

Serial #25090

For Single Horse 15 – 16 h

Approx 476 lbs / 216 kg

Introductory Price $6,995


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This HA-0 is an economical all around training carriage  for singles or pairs, sized for Full Horse. Conservatively priced for you to get in the driver’s seat!

Design Features

  • 25″ x 3.00 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Wheels
  • 130 cm Track Width
  • Wine Red with Aluminum Blanc pinstriping
  • Black Upholstery
  • Marathon Driver Seat and Padded Back Seats
  • Rubber Padded Driver Basket
  • Small Navigator Platform
  • Brake Pedal for Rear BIT Brakes
  • Parking Brake
  • Closed Loop Shafts
  • Standard Elliptic Suspension
  • Extended Hubs Front
  • Rubber Step on Splinter Bar
  • Whip Holder
  • NHF Seat Cover
  • Complimentary Tool