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About Rebecca Gutierrez

In April 2019, Rebecca Gutierrez took the reins of the well-established New Heritage Farm Carriages founded by Newt Brosius of Pennsylvania. As an advanced level driver with lifelong horse experience and passion for the sport, it was a natural fit. New Heritage Farms Carriages is now located near Aiken, SC, where carriage sports abound!

Rebecca began to avidly drive her miniature horses at breed shows and competed in her first CDE at the Colorado Horse Park in 2004, then moved on to driving Morgans and ponies. Over the years she has moved up the levels from coast to coast in the United States, showing VSE’s, single ponies, single horses, and horse pairs. From 2013-2020, she competed with the beautiful Haflinger, Naria BW6, in the Advanced Level achieving bronze and silver medal placements at the USEF National Championships. The pair qualified to be part of the team for the World Pony Championships in Minden, Germany in 2017. Naria is featured in Issue 250 of Driving Digest for July/August 2024 promoting the Haflinger breed. After Naria retired, Rebecca trained and now competes with her new star, Sock It To Me JND, a Dutch Harness Horse. They have won several awards in their CDE divisions and club Derbies. Rebecca holds an “R” Combined Driving Technical Delegate license with ADS and USEF. She enjoys working and learning as an official.  She drives exclusively with NHF Carriages and Arden Harness. She enjoys working and learning as an official. Since acquiring NHF, Rebecca has created a diverse team of professionals in various driving disciplines to assist with any driving needs.

Let her expertise help you achieve your driving aspirations by matching you and your equines with the right carriage.

About Poj-Kon

New Heritage Farm Carriages are custom built with quality at the Poj-Kon Carriage shop in Poland. Rebecca and her team have personally driven the carriages and toured the facility to help understand the quality and production process.

Stanislaw Michalowski established Poj-Kon Carriages of Poland in 1990 as a family business. Poj-Kon has since produced and sold over 21,000 carriages used for recreation, pleasure, training, and competition including Marathons, Wagonettes, and Presentation carriages ranging from Spiders to Sport Breaks.

Poj-Kon works regularly on custom projects to satisfy customer expectations and requirements. Each carriage can be tailored to customer specific requests in addition to the normal options of varying brake, wheel, rim, trim, suspension system, seat type, and colors of carriage and upholstery. Poj-Kon’s highly regarded reputation is a result of many years of experience, an acquired depth of knowledge, and a dedication to excellent workmanship.

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About Arden Harness

New Heritage Farm Carriages is the Authorized Arden Harness Dealer in the United States. Each harness is custom ordered and imported from Poland to fit your equine partners. You have material options including quality Biothane, Standard Lux Leather and Super Lux Leather products. You may also order a Biothane harness with upgraded leather bridle. Choices of colors, bridle chain and rosettes are custom selected by you to express your style.

 “ARDEN is a family business specialising in the production of horse harnesses.

Centuries-old tradition and experience of contemporary drivers have allowed us to create an exceptional line of horse harnesses.
Our products combine highest quality materials, means of production, patience and joy of creation. 
Functionality, strength and elegance of our harnesses are qualities which we take particular care of. 

While revering tradition and history, ARDEN is a forerunner of modernity.”

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