Arden Harness measurement clarification

A- All around, 360 degrees, total circumference

Al-  all around to include the width of the crown

piece (better be a slight bit longer than too short)

B- Muzzle incisions through the head means – corner of mouth to corner of mouth

C- Neck strap – ½ half way around

D-   Breast plate-  middle of saddle (pad) all the

way around to middle of saddle

E- Size of horse

F- Crupper

G-   Breeching single –  from G around both sides

Gl- Breeching Pair- Middle of saddle (pad) all the
way around to middle of saddle

J- Width outside of eyes to outside (not between
the eyes)
Traces –  length –  do not include D-ring, in roller bolt include the loop but not the hardware

Harness Colors

Leather Harness Color Options:


Biothane Harness Color Options:

Brown with Earth Tones

Brown with Jewel Tones

Black with Earth Tones

Black with Jewel Tones

Biothane Rein Colors: 

Black – Brown – London

Web Grip

Super Grip

Soft Leather (L: Plain soft leather, R: Soft Leather with Stoppers