Customizing Your Carriage Design

When ordering your custom New Heritage Farm Carriage, you have a variety of standard design options to suit your own style and preferences. Each carriage is tailored with your specifications to match driver size, single or team sizes, weight, carriage use and passenger or navigator accommodation. Base carriages with standard features are offered as a complete carriage before addition of optional features. Color selection for the base carriage, wheels, upholstery and wood are available. Metallic paints are an additional cost. Please note, due to limitations in displaying accurate colors on computer screens and/or in print, the colors shown here are for reference only. Colors on finished products may vary. Harnesses are available on the Arden Harness page of this site. We look forward to assisting you in the customizing process and are happy to make recommendations that will make your carriage purchase enjoyable.

Please choose:

  1. RAL Color Number/Name for Carriage Body
  2. RAL Color Number/Name for Pinstriping
  3. RAL Color Number/Name for Wheels, if Applicable
  4. RAL Wood Tone Number/Name, if Applicable
  5. Color & Texture Number/Name for Upholstery
  6. Color Name for Suede Wedge (Standard for Driver Bucket Seat)
  7. Tread Profile Name for Pneumatic Tires, if Applicable

Wood Finishes

2207_Natural Oak
Natural Oak Natural Oak RAL 2201
2225_Light Oak
Light Oak RAL 2225
2263_Medium Oak
Medium Oak RAL 2263
Cherry RAL 2226
Mahogany Mahogany RAL 2504
2266_Dark Oak
Dark Walnut RAL 2266

Upholstery Colors

Dark Gray
Light Brown
Slate Blue
Dark Gray
Light Gray Marbled
Optional Upholstery Piping
  1. Peach
  2. Yellow
  3. Wheat
  4. Orange
  5. Red
  6. Green
  7. Grey
  8. Black
Upholstery with Optional Piping

*Please ask if you do not see the color upholstery that you need. We are happy to find out if it is available for you.

Wheel Options

Brek Wheel with Knobby Tread
Painted Solid Spokes with V Tread
Painted Solid Spokes with Knobby Tread
Stainless Steel Spokes with Hard Tire
Painted Solid Flat Spokes
Painted Sunburst Spokes with Summer Tread

Tread Profiles for your Pneumatic Tires

Pnuematic V Profile
Pnuematic Summer (Line) Profile
Pnuematic Knobby Profile

Let New Heritage Farm put YOU in the driver's seat!