D-256 Large Pony/Horse Single/Pair

D-256 Large Pony/Horse Single/Pair

The Marathon  D-256 is the latest design by Poj-Kon, its most popular marathon used by  European drivers. It comes standard with the  new and improved  Elmex II suspension (a new elliptic suspension design by Poj-Kon in conjunction with Fahrsport Hansmeier the largest European dealer).  The D-256 is also available with the independent trailing arm air suspension.  The D-256 can be built as a single or pair carriage. The basic weight before options for a single large pony or cob size horse  430 pounds and a pair pony with options will reach the required 225 kg /495 lbs. minimum.

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  • Rear wheel hydraulic disk brakes BIT calipers (Brembo Knockoffs)
  • Adjustable  steel closed end shafts shafts
  • Center mounted adjustable Marathon seat with suede
  • Grab handles – choice of adjustable or fixed
  • Upholstery color choices with seams to match paint striping color

Optional Polished Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, chrome rolled steel (SAE 5140), is not only pretty, resist scratches and abrasions but is also lighter and stronger than low carbon rolled steel (SAE 1010).

“Stainless steel (chrome rolled steel) has about 3X the yield strength of low carbon rolled steel.  Thus, for any given desired strength that is needed for an application, (i.e. shafts, or frame parts of a carriage), you can use a thinner gauge (and hence lower weight) of chrome rolled steel when compared to carbon steel. The mistake that I noted in the past was that most carriages were “over-built” in my estimation, by using the same gauge for both chrome rolled and low carbon steel.   To be sure, the chrome rolled units were much stronger, but I never felt that the extra “crash and burn” durability warranted the heavier than necessary weight.  I don’t mind training heavy, but I sure do like to compete light. By using a thinner gauge stainless steel you can maintain or increase strength and be lighter at the same time, the best of both worlds.”  Ken Messner & “Welding Principles and Practices” by Raymond Sacks.  

There are multiple possibilities to add stainless steel to your carriage. The following are several options for you to consider. If you don’t see a specific item you would like please let us known.

NOTE:  If  you would like stainless to reduce weight but choose to have it painted vs. polished the pricing is reduced.

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*Carriage prices are subject to change and do not include delivery to final destination from Windsor, SC, or State sales tax, where applicable.