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NEW “NHF MAX I” Trainer

Serial #24438 / A21

For Pleasure or Training with Single 16+ Hand Stout Horse or Draft/Cross

662 lbs.

Price $9,420

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New In Stock, Windsor, SC


This beautiful NHF Max I can be used for a training or recreation drives with a single large horse or draft cross. The trailing arm suspension and pneumatic wheels enable a smooth ride over varied terrain. The driver and co-driver wedge seats allow both drivers the comfort of handing off the reins while entertaining their passengers. Quick change hubs allow the opportunity to sport different wheels if desired. You and your equine partner will enjoy this ride!

Design Features

  • Black with Black Red pinstriping and Mahogany Stained Wood
  • Black Upholstery with Red Stitching
  • Adjustable Marathon Driver & Co-Driver Seats with Suede
  • 57″ Seat Height
  • NHF Seat Covers
  • Pass-Through and Rear Passenger Bench Seats
  • Removable Step Extension
  • Pneumatic Wheels- 25” x 2.75” Knobby Profile
  • Quick Change Hubs
  • Front & Rear BIT Brakes
  • Fifth Wheel Brake
  • BIT Brakes Front and Rear
  • Trailing Arm Suspension
  • Quick Release Snap Shackles on Singletree



NHF- Warrior 100

Serial #24101 / G20     Medium Pony

Price $9,105 (Approx 398 lbs.)

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New In Stock, Windsor, SC

Standard Features with Upgrades

  • Black with Wheat pinstriping
  • Wheels- Front 60 cm, Rear 55 cm cambered
  • Rear BIT Brakes
  • Parking Brake
  • Fifth Wheel Navigator Knob
  • Delayed Steering
  • Suspension- Front- Elmex, Rear- Double Elliptic
  • (No Shock Absorbers*)
  • Stainless Steel Package
  • Seat Cover, Tools & Number Holders
  • Locking Shafts for Transport
  • Navigator Step over Axle
  • Navigator Front Bars Adjustable w/Seat, Not Fixed

SOLD! Nano Trail

Serial #23989 / G20     Small Pony 10-11 hands

$4,820 (226 lbs. without shafts/wedge seat, 259 lbs. with shafts/wedge seat)

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New In Stock, Windsor, SC


Our exclusive multi-purpose Nano Trail was designed with the small pony in mind and allows room for your little passengers and pooches to have a fun time driving. Add a picnic basket and take it on a club drive!

Design Features

  • Dark Green with Ivory Pinstriping
  • Bench Seat with Moveable/Removable 9 lb. Wedge Seat
  • Stainless Steel Driver Basket
  • Small Navigator Platform
  • Brake Pedal for Rear BIT Brakes
  • Parking Brake
  • Heavy Duty 12” Pneumatic Wheels
  • Closed-End Loop Adjustable Shafts
  • Snap Shackles
  • Whip Holder
  • Seat Cover
  • Complimentary Tool Kit