Max II G20 Serial 24208 Cont 31 Or 3
Max II Single or Pair

Max II Single or Pair Pony Pair 14 Hand + to Single 

The  Max II   Wagonette D-170 can be used for pleasure, recreation or training. The standard track is 130cm but when increased to 140 the step through passage allows for easy movement from the front to the rear for passengers or your trainer . The standard rear seat is 80cm in length and available in different styles. The Max II can be configured as either a single or pair carriage suitable for a pair of large ponies or single horse 15.1 plus. When the Max is equipped with either pneumatic tires or the trailing arm suspension this carriage will give you the best possible ride over your cross country trails. Optional tack increased widths of 140 & 150 cm and added rear seat lengths are available as well.  Weight is 530 lbs depending on the options.

  • Rear hydraulic disk brakes BIT calipers (Brembo knockoffs)
  • Adjustable spring mounted pole & shafts
  • 80 cm rear seats & 130 cm track
  • Rear door & step or open step & gab handles
  • Wheels with either hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Height of seat & distance to toe board custom to order
  • Adjustable box seat with removable wedge

Max – Wheels 19″ or 21″ Base Price Starting


Max – Wheels 23″ or 25″ Base Price Starting


Max – Wheels 27″ Base Price Starting


Max – Wheels 29″ Base Price Starting



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*Carriage prices are subject to change and do not include delivery to final destination from Windsor, SC, or State sales tax, where applicable.