Mini Back to Back Presentation

Mini Back to Back Presentation

The original NHF Mini “Back to Back” Presentation carriage was custom designed for Linda Willis for her mini pair and four. The  back-to-back design improves balance of the carriage distributing weight of the groom over the rear axle. Weight without pole approximately 289 pounds.

Starting at $6,580

  • 120cm track
  • Choice of paint & striping color or stained wood trim
  • Toledo 110 upholstery (choice of color) with the seam stitching to match the striping color
  • Wooden singles trees suitable for both roller bolt or quick release traces
  • Rear BIT (Brembo knockoffs) brakes with no rust rotors and micro park brake
  • Choice of chrome or brass fittings
  • Custom  measurements to fit both the driver and your equine
  • Adjustable spring mounted pole with stainless pole swivel pole head, crab & leader bars
  • Stainless steel painted rims to add strength and reduce weight
  • Extended front ‘Knurled” hubs
  • Monogram on side of the box

The first option and most common, is adjusted by a small hand wheel which the navigator or groom operates. A small brake master cylinder provides hydraulic pressure to a small motorcycle type caliper which engages a brake disk attached to the fifth wheel.

The second option of the hydraulic fifth wheel brake pedal is operated by the driver by means of an extra brake pedal that operates a small master cylinder to provide hydraulic pressure to a small motorcycle type caliper which engages a brake disk attached to the fifth wheel. This option, like the hand wheel operated by the navigator/groom is quite effective, the braking action is instant when the pedal is depressed and instant off when the pedal is released.

The wheel and pedal operated 5th wheel brakes are available together.

The “manometer’ permits you to set the desired amount of pressure on the fifth wheel for both the pedal operated by the driver or the hand wheel operated by the navigator.

The pedal operated hydraulic fifth wheel brake, which can help provide a straight rein back in dressage, is also available on Marathon carriages. May be just may be enough help to bring home the blue!!!

NOTE:  If you would like stainless to reduce weight but choose to have it painted vs. polished the pricing is reduced.

The conversion is relatively easy, 1) remove the standard groom seat by loosening the  two set screws 2) remove the rear platform floor plate, six set screws and 3) install the rumble seat (two set screws) . The standard groom seat can still be removed as before and replaced with the Wicker basket if no groom is required. The added cost for this option including the extra rumble seat is $415

Contact us for custom-fitted carriage quote! We will expertly match features tailored to you and your equine partners’ needs.

*Carriage prices are subject to change and do not include delivery to final destination from Windsor, SC, or State sales tax, where applicable.