Inventory Warrior 100 Black and Red

NHF-100 Light Pony Marathon

Designed for the smaller pony from 12 hands with Elmex suspension in the front and Elliptic spring  suspension in the rear  to provides for a very smooth ride without loss of stability or durability. The weight of of the 100 “Light” is 297 pounds depending on upgrades.

  • Rear disc brakes, BIT calipers (Brembo equivalents) with no rust rotors
  • Light Marathon seat with suede and adjustable on track
  • Closed end steel adjustable marathon shafts or adjustable suspended pole
  • Choice of standard paint, pinstriping, upholstery and stitching colors
  • Wheels front 55 cm/rear 50 cm, 60 cm/55cm or 65 cm/60 cm
  • 126 cm Track Width
  • Rear and/or front wheels cambered 4 degrees 
  • Quick Change Hubs
  • NHF Seat Cover
  • Complimentary Tool Set
  • Optional Stainless Steel Package

NHF 100 Light Front Tire 55, 60 or 65 cm – SINGLE

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Popular Marathon Upgrades by Quote


Stainless Steel Package ($1,890 value) includes SS Sides, Box Seat,


      Dashboard, Round Spokes, Grab Bars, Shafts & Single Tree


Fifth Wheel Brake with Pedal


Delayed Steering


Extra Set of Painted Pneumatic Wheels Purchased with Carriage Starting


Pneumatic Wheel UPGRADE Spokes & Rims to Stainless Steel


Additional Upgrades & Options are Available.