Carriage & Harness Parts

“In the case of all things which have several parts and in which the totality is not, as it were, a mere heap, but the whole is something besides the parts, there is a cause; for even in bodies contact is the cause of unity in some cases, and in others viscosity or some other such quality.”

New Heritage Farm Carriages has a limited inventory of stocked items. If you need something specific, please ask. If we do not have what you need, we can special order them for you. When you make your request, we can let you know approximately how long it takes for you to receive it if it is not in stock. If we have your parts in stock, we can normally ship within 1-2 business days by USPS or UPS if you are not in a position to pick up. In the event of heavy or bulky items, we can arrange for a private shipper if it is more cost efficient. 

To keep that unity in your carriage driving, please let us know if you need parts!
Here are a few ideas …
  • Set of Pneumatic Wheels (May be used up to Intermediate Level due to rule change.)
  • Replacement Pneumatic Tires or Tubes
  • Brake Pads and Bearings
  • Quick Release Snap Shackles
  • Air Bags
  • Telescopic or Other Shafts

Our service is done with a personal touch and we are happy to help!