Training Break, Pair 16 Hands +

  • Double bucket seats (with suede) and custom inside measurements.
  • Step through passage for easy access from the rear
  • Track – 140 cm front 150 cm rear
  • Rear wheels 2 sizes larger than the front, pneumatics tires & quick change hubs
  • Brakes: front & rear – Bosch calipers with stainless steel rotors
  • Park brake: hydraulic and mechanical
  • Rear seats – 70 cm with storage boxes hinged from the top
  • Adjustable spring mounted pole base 250cm extension 80cm, Stainless swivel pole head with spreader bar & crab
  • Custom measurements : 1) from ground to top of the box 2) on the floor in front of box  3) on floor to top of box 31cm 4) inside seat measurement
  • Option for four-up
  • Choice of standard paint, pinstriping, upholstery, cord & stitching colors

Training Break- Front Wheels F27/R32″ or F29/R36″ Base Price


1 or 2 horse, 4 x Bosch Brakes, 140 cm track width, Standard Seats


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