Elmex Elliptic suspension was originally developed by Poj-Kon in cooperation with Hansmeier, the largest European dealer of Poj-Kon carriages. Elmex is well known for its smooth and stable ride; just ask Leslie Berndl!  On a recent trip to Poland Newt was fortunate to be able to take a ride (as navigator) to test the new Elmex II. Additional to the Elmex elliptic springs there is a ball and socket type joint in the center of the axle and two shock absorbers on 45 degree angles. Even with one wheel raised off the ground by 8 inches, all  remaining wheels stay in contact with the ground, maximizing stability and providing a much improved ride. This essentially duplicates the ride available on a trailing arm type suspension. 

After taking his  turn as navigator, Newt took two videos of Zbignieu Frankiewicz, Advanced competitor, driving his 16h Polish crossbred with Piotr Michalowski (Poj-Kon co-owner) as navigator. The NHF D-256 in the video has the new Elmex II suspension as well as the new single delayed steering and shaft design. Awesome drive!