Vis a Vis 24631 Pojkon_


The Vis-à-Vis can be sized for horses from 15 to 18 hands. It can carry up to six passengers.

The accessories typical for commercial carriages are included. A complete list of options and pricing are available upon request.  Pricing starts at $19,955 and will be custom quoted. 

vis-à-vis Cut, 3 Spindle Seats; 80, 85 or 90 cm Wheels



vis-à-vis Bent, 2 Barrel Seats; 80, 85 or 90 cm Wheels



Classic Carriages include 1 or 2 horse, 160 cm track width, 4 X Bosch Brakes, Loose seat, vis-à-vis Cut 3 x Spindle Seats, vis-à-vis Barrel 2 full seats

Contact us for custom-fitted carriage quote! We will expertly match features tailored to you and your equine partners’ needs.

*Carriage prices are subject to change and do not include delivery to final destination from Windsor, SC, or State sales tax, where applicable.