Zulka Training Gigs

Zulka Gigs

Zulka Gig D-162

Starting at $3,675

  • Telescopic spring suspended seat
  • Pneumatic tires with standard hubs
  • Adjustable lose end shaft extensions’
  • Weight 220 lbs +/-
  • Track 125cm
  • Measurements custom to it the horse and the driver

Zulka Gig D-49   $5,190  includes:

  • Elmex elliptic spring suspension
  • Adjustable closed end shafts
  • Disk bakes with no rust rotors
  • Adjustable seat platform with moveable suede wedge
  • Choice of pneumatic or hard rubber tires
  • Choice of color and striping
  • Toledo 110 upholstery with seams to match striping color
  • Weight 365 lbs +/-

Measurements custom to fit the horse and the driver.