Max Mix Trainer Mini Pair to Small Pony Single

Max Mix Trainer Mini Pair to Small Pony Single 

The Max Mix  can be used as either a trainer, a pleasure or recreation carriage or CDEs at training level.   The Max  can be made as a single  with and adapter and a pole for pair conversion or a dedicated pair carriage with a U-shaped shaft  for driving single. The Max Mix can be sized to fit your small pony and Mini pairs.

Max Mix can be designed with or without rear wagonette seats.

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  • Rear hydraulic disk brakes Bit calipers (Brembo knockoffs)
  • Removable rear step extension
  • Flat Box seat adjustable on track with drivers wedge attached via Velcro movable to the center.
  • Box seat height & distance to toe board custom to order
  • Choice of either hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Choice of paint & striping or wood stained  panels
  • Shafts, adjustable with either open or closed ends.
  • Pole:  padded, suspended and adjustable